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You are on this page because you are now a bona fide member of Super6Power Team! Congratulations!

The following items are what we expect ALL members of our Team to do - at a minimum - so decide here and now to just go through this checklist and "Get 'er DONE!"

1. You are getting this because you are in our email list in Aweber. If you have someone in your downline who IS NOT getting this, have them email Rob at

2. Read our weekly newsletter. The latest it comes out is Saturday or Sunday.

3. If at all possible - and I mean, unless it is a family emergency! - do your best to be on our weekly POWER Call on Tuesday evenings. Information on the call is in the weekly newsletter!

4. LIKE, and accept Notifications on, the following Team pages:

5. Go to and ask to join our closed Team group.

6. Go to your Jerky Direct back office and then click on [Training] and [Quick Start Guide] and go through all videos that the company is providing for how to get started as an Affiliate.

7. Go to Team Training and go through all Team training steps to get a solid foundation in your Network Marketing business.

8. Contact your sponsor and let them know that you have completed all steps above.

9. DO NOT WAIT FOR ANYONE ABOVE YOU TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FOR YOU! Get started learning how to invite people to take a look at Jerky Direct. Use all ongoing promotions as tools to help you introduce our opportunity, products, and model to others. Some ways that may help you do this:

  a. Request your personal copy of any Team pages that are made available to you. Currently available pages include:

  Pay Less Taxes! (USE THIS!) and
  Jerky Lovers Network! and
  Our Team Affiliate Promotion Page (Note: this page is only good as long as the promotion lasts!)

  b. Devise your own copy for ads. Be authentic and DO NOT exaggerate or hype any aspect of our business! Let people know that, while Jerky Direct is a simple business, marketing it takes learning the Skills necessary to market and sell the correct way. (Our Team will be providing Skills Training!)

Our Best Wishes and all the help we can provide,

Rob Dunn
Donna Soffen
and Super6Power!
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